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How it all works

Below you will find details about the project and a series of links to pages where you can find out in further detail how the All Welcome fundraising platform will function for you.

Who is it for?

The All Welcome platform is ideal for organisations just starting out with their online fundraising. It is easy to use and offers lots of powerful functionality. It is also a good alternative for groups who are using 3rd party fundraising sites but would like more control over their branding, data or other areas of their work.

What are the advantages of the platform?

  • Quickly and easily create beautiful new fundraising pages.
  • Safely and securely process all donations through Stripe to your bank account. All donations go directly to you.
  • Create supporter pages so supporters can create and brand their own page (e.g. for 'My Fun Run For...') with all proceeds going to your organisation.
  • Track and own all the data from people donating to you, easy access to all donation information which is not shared with any 3rd parties.
  • No fees apart from the mandatory Stripe card processing fee which they take as the payment processor. The All Welcome platform takes no commission or fee and this is guaranteed to remain the case until at least July 2020. As a non-profit org, after 2020 we'd keep any costs as low as possible.
  • Quick and easy setup.

What is it not?

  • A full enterprise solution. There are other platforms which will have more or different functionality. The All Welcome platform is designed to be easy to use from day one, which means that it has a stripped back set of features design around the core fundraising needs of not for profits.
  • The platform has many support resources and has a system of support you can tap into, from one to one calls to training webinars. However, as we do not have a large team working on this, we can not offer round the clock support. We will work to help you out with anything you need but please understand this customer service is limited at this stage.
  • It is not currently available for self hosting. That means your organisations page will be under the allwelcome.org domain and allwelcome.org will be the root URL. It will however have your organisation's name in there too and you will control the content. At this time we are not currently able to offer further customisation of URLs.

Before signing up to use the All Welcome platform, please make sure you have had a chance to review the following resources so you are fully familiar with how it works:

Want to see how much control you can have over your pages? See what you can change and customise here.