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Empowering world-changers through creativity, strategy & technology.

The Developer Society (DEV) is the world’s first not for profit team of developers and campaigners run by and for the not for profit sector.

With the mission of making access to the world’s best technology and digital expertise available to anyone working for good, DEV are working to change the world for the better and have formally committed their entire business to that cause. Ultimately, we’ve chosen to be measured in terms of impact on people’s lives, not on balance sheets.

Using our passion and skill for tech development to empower nonprofits to have more impact, DEV are already working with some of the world’s biggest charities such as Oxfam and Save The Children, as well as frontline life savers like medics in Syria, and UK healthcare providers like Macmillan Cancer Support, but that’s just the start…

Our dream is to make the world’s most powerful technology available to all organisations and groups working to make positive change - regardless of size, budget or location.

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