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Fundraising FAQs


Q. What is this all about?

This is a project to provide cutting edge fundraising technology to groups working with refugees and migrants in the UK.

Q. Who’s behind this?

This project is supported by Unbound Philanthropy and The Developer Society.

Q. Why should I use this platform?

This platform has been designed specifically to meet the needs of progressive groups in the UK. It has the key functionality for online fundraising, is easy to use, and after card processing payment it is fee free. The platform allows you to:

- Quickly and easily create beautiful new fundraising pages.

- Safely and securely process all donations through Stripe (one of the world's leading payment processors which handles the card transactions) to your bank account.

- Create supporter pages so members of the public can create a fundraising page (e.g. for 'My Fun Run') with all proceeds going to your organisation.

- Track and own all the data from people donating to you.

Q. What is this platform NOT?

This platform is not an enterprise solution, so it does not have all the functionality of big commercial competitors. However, this platform does have a unique blend of features, usability, and zero fees which makes it an ideal solution for organisations in the early stages of their online fundraising work.

Q. Which orgs are eligible?

All charities, NGOs and mission led orgs working to support refugees and migrants in the UK can apply.

Q. How can I apply for access to the platform?

Simply email if you are interested in getting your site setup.

Q. What do we need to do to get setup?

Once your org has been verified, you will be provided with a short form requesting some details such as your organisational brand details and your Stripe account details (see below). Once DEV have those, you will be added into the queue and notified when your site is ready to use.


Q. How much does this cost?

There is no charge at all for participating organisations for using the platform. The only deduction from a supporters donation is the card processing fee charged by Stripe, which is a standard component of any online fundraising solution. There are no % fees or other costs for you.

Q. Are there ongoing costs?

This project is currently in Phase 1. In Q2 2019 we are planning to launch Phase 2 which will simplify the sign up process. From the launch date of Phase 2, this platform is guaranteed to remain fee free for at least 12 months and hopefully longer.

Q. What is Stripe?

Stripe is one of the world's leading payment processors. They process the card details of donors and transfer the funds to your account and for this, take a small percentage fee from the transaction. More details here. Stripe is used by organisations such as Amazon, Deliveroo and UNICEF to process millions of transactions a day.

Q. What about Gift Aid?

The platform is setup for you to collect optional Gift Aid information which you can then download and process. The platform does not process Gift Aid claims automatically but provides you with an easy way to do this yourself.


Q. How long will it take to get setup?

This varies from organisation to organisation but once you have setup a Stripe account it should not take you more than a few hours total (across the various stages) to get setup and taking donations.

Q. I'm not sure what my brand details are?

If you don't have a fixed brand for your organisation, just let us know what colours, fonts and imagery you would like to use via the sign up form.

Q. Can the platform integrate with other systems such as MailChimp or other email systems?

Yes, the platform is built to handle webhooks but these integrations do not come setup for you and you will need to connect the platform with other systems using the webhooks.

Q. I'm not sure what that means, will you help me do the integration?

Unfortunately at this stage, DEV are unable to help you do the integration work as part of this project.


Q. How do I use the platform?

You can find a collection of training videos detailing how to use the platform here:

Q. I've watched the videos and I'm still unsure about how to use it?

Please send an email with your question to

Other questions

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