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Fundraising Training

The All Welcome fundraising platform offers fee free and easy to use fundraising technology to groups working to support refugees and migrants in the UK.


If you have more questions about the fundraising platform, please read through our frequently asked questions here.

Training videos

The following videos explain how to use the DEV fundraising platform in more detail. Still need help? Visit

Getting started & front end

- The platform
- Your projects
- Get involved
- Our fundraisers
- How to login

Make a donation


- Default amounts
- Other amounts
- Fill in the form
- Gift aid
- Make donation anonymously
- Thank you message

Data export

- Select campaign
- Date picker
- Download CSV

Creating campaigns & setup

- Admin view
- Creating campaigns and editing
- Supporter fundraisers
- Web hooks
- Goals
- Images
- Branding
- Campaign copy
- Footer copy
- Your donation items
- Save campaign/activate campaign
- Preview

Become a fundraiser (supporters)

- Creating your own fundraiser as a supporter of your org
- Tell us a bit about you
- Take it live

Creating supporter fundraisers

- How you can set it up so supporters can set up pages
- Generic/specific fundraisers

Creating a Customised Campaign
How to edit the branding to create a customised campaign using the All Welcome fundraising platform

Editing Brand Settings and Simple Fundraising
How to edit your brand settings and create a simple organisational fundraising campaign on the All Welcome Fundraising platform.

...and more videos coming soon

Want to sign up?

Want to use the fundraising platform to take donations online for your organisation? Please contact and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss next steps.