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Fundraising Training

The All Welcome fundraising platform offers fee free and easy to use fundraising technology to groups working to support refugees and migrants in the UK.


If you have more questions about the fundraising platform, please read through our frequently asked questions here.

Training videos

The following videos explain how to use the DEV fundraising platform in more detail. Still need help? Visit https://www.dev.ngo/fundraising/i-need-help/

Introduction and overview

- Visit https://testorg.allwelcome.org/ to test the site.

All Welcome: Set Up 1

- How to use the All Welcome set up wizard

- Adding your brand

All Welcome: Set Up 2

- Adding your Stripe details

- Currencies

- GiftAid

- Selecting default donation amounts

All Welcome: Set Up 3

- Email settings

- Thank you emails

All Welcome: Set Up 4

- Add organisational contact details

Organisation Fundraiser

- How to set up a donation page for your org

Supporter Fundraiser

- Setting up supporter fundraiser pages

Becoming a Supporter Fundraiser

- How supporters can create their own fundraising pages for your org

Donation forms

- How donations are made

Data Export

- How to get supporter and donation data out of All Welcome

Edit Brand Settings

- How to edit and change your brand settings

Payment Settings

Edit your payment settings including:

- Currency

- Default donation amounts

Email Settings

Edit your email settings including:

- Emails to donors

- Email to/from

- Reply to

User Settings

Edit your user settings including:

- Add new users

- Edit user details

- Change your password

- Delete users

Need more support?

Would you like to see a new training video on a specific topic?

Email fundraising@dev.ngo and let us know

Want to sign up?

Want to use the fundraising platform to take donations online for your organisation? Please contact fundraising@dev.ngo and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss next steps.