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VUKA! Site request

Developing research methodologies to track, disseminate findings and catalyze action on civic space at the national level

The Developer Society

DEV is a fully not for profit co-op digital agency working exclusively with NGOs and not for profits to help them make more impact in their work using technology. DEV works with a lot of the biggest UK and global groups such as Oxfam, Macmillan, Save The Children, Amnesty, 38 Degrees, ActionAid and lots more. 

VUKA! documentation and dissemination site

Civicus and DEV have collaborated to develop a website which can be quickly cloned and rebranded for civic space campaigners. The site allows reports of human rights abuses to be submitted and shared with a wider audience. 

The site allows you to:

  • Safely and securely gather reports of civic space violations in your country.
  • Automatically create blog posts from these reports on the site with the regional location of the violation on a country map.
  • Ensure the safety and anonymity of the people reporting the violations.
  • Content moderation so nothing is published without admin approval.

What happens next?

After you've submitted the form, DEV will check through to ensure all the information needed to create and brand a new site is in place. We will then request approval from Civicus to begin work on the site. The website, log in details and a demo video to demonstrate how to use the admin will be packaged up and sent across to the person who submitted the form. Once we have sign off on this site, it can go live.