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One of the 4 languages that Google endorses, Python’s a robust language that is not all trendy web hype. Reducing maintenance and development cost overheads is its strength. Python is the leader at making projects that are easier to inherit, maintain, scale and perform. Not for first-time freelancers, it’s the language of the seasoned developer.

Looking to the future Python will make the national curriculum in schools next year, and has a secure future. The BBC have just released the Micro:bit which runs Python, as does the Raspberry Pi. In fact the Pi and Micro:bit logos are Python referencing in-jokes.


To pair with Python we use the Django web framework. This is where we leverage a great language with a batteries-included framework. This enables a focus on the 20% of a project that’s unique to you, saving cost and enabling focus and polish.

Django is an open-source solution - so has all the benefits that projects you may of heard of such as Wordpress, Drupal or Umbraco have, except it’s running on a more stable technology underneath. It side-steps all the nightmares of plug-in and extension third-parties that others suffer with, because we develop just 20% of the project that’s unique to you. It lets us outpace the competition in development, maintenance and stability. It was fun when a recent project was featured on ITV and handled thousands of transactions a minute effortlessly.

DEV technology logos

HTML, LESS, CSS, Javascript & jQuery
These are the languages that produce the front-end of your website.

npm, node & webpack
These are small but handy tools for managing any open-source frameworks we might use during the front-end development process.

Python & Django
Already introduced - Our choice for back-end content management system development and integration with APIs and third-party systems. Saves time in development and ensures reliability

Postgres & Elastic
A powerful database and scalable search systems ensure data is fast and stored safely.

GitHub Source control
We store a full history of every line of code we write in a distributed way, so our whole development team can manage your code perfectly.

Jenkins, Sentry & UptimeRobot
Our testing suite Jenkins covers the automated testing of our projects. Sentry monitors our live projects for errors and alerts our team. UptimeRobot monitors server uptime and helps us deliver provable SLA performance.

Linode & Amazon
Our hosting partners provide flexible hosting and cloud scalability, to fit any budget.