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DEV T-shirts

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same"

Coco Chanel The Developer Society

What will I be wearing?

The hottest new design from Milan or Digbteh via Luke's brilliant brain, one of those.


Tell me about how they're made

Fast fashion is awful. Our t-shirts are designed to last and produced by Rapanui, a fantastic company who support lots of charities and not for profits.

Rapanui have been described as "A most valuable and interesting project" by none other than Sir David Attenborough. Their clothes are sustainably and ethically produced, organic, and where possible made from recycled material. You can read more about their policies here.

To show you the level of detail they go into, here's what Rapanui have to say about how they ship products:

"Our packaging is made from bioethylene, a bioplastic which is derived from renewable biomasses, e.g sugarcane. Bioplastics offer a lower waste, less polluting and all round greener alternative to fossil fuel based packaging. Bioplastics are compatible with mechanical plastic recycling"

They also believe that the future of fashion is a circular economy, so when you're done, you can send old products back to them and cash in the material for store credit. Our kind of partners.