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Can we talk about digital projects?

Digital is blamed for breaches, complexity, and confusion, but that's not fair, digital is great.

It felt great when one click solved that problem you had. Or a new idea was put into the hands of thousands of people. Or a pain in your process is removed. Or digital saved you load of money. That's how the age of digital wonder used to feel.

But things changed.

Projects were over-promised and under-delivered. People became product owners or stakeholders. Contracts became a mile long, just like the procurement and legal processes to agree them. You were forced into risk management, technical debt and competive tendering meant any chance of experimentation was impossible. Jargon reigned supreme.

And agencies, funders, senior management teams and charities all just let it happen.

Now digital is a chore, rather than a helper. Something you have to procure. Something that is developed, rather than loved. Instead of releasing your from burdens and creating opportunities, you're limited by functionality and requirements. Your use of digital changed, and you didn't ask for any of it.

And yet digital is still amazing. Thanks to digital, charities and non-profits around the world can multiply their impact and effectiveness every day. It's limitless, and costs nothing to replicate. It makes it easy to test and learn and iterate, and for millions of people to work together.

There are no barriers to entry, no limits on creativity, or rules saying what can be improved. If you have the internet and a computer you have access to unimaginable amounts of potential - every day. With thousands of good people around the world wanting to support your organisation with their skills and passion for tech.

So, the good news is the great bits are still there, just hidden behind all those contracts, rounds of negotiation and risk management frameworks. Some of it with good reason, some due to inexperience and a lot by default.

So lets try again, a new way of getting started. Quick solutions for the needs of charities and third-sector context.

Rather than tenders, concept notes, and long term relationship negotiations, we wondered what it would look like if you had access to bunch of great digital people without ANY of the baggage.

So that's what we've done. Just click the button below, find a time that suits and we'll spend time with you to make things better. No contract, no charge, no lock-in.

Social hours are like open office hours chats mixed with hackday, but really its just about helping you.

Need digital liberation?

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