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Women's equality party

How we delivered the digital launch of the Women’s Equality Party, a new UK political party striving for women’s equality in all aspects of life.

When WEP approached us, they had a lot to achieve in a short space of time and they needed an agency that could be agile and reactive to their needs. Like any political party, they are keen to direct as much of their funding into achieving their aims as possible, so value for money was also key.

They had a lot of things to work on but essential features for the party included interactive sign-up forms for new members and an events page to keep those members up to date. They also needed a platform to manage the masses of data and payments they would receive during launch. Gaining supporters and members is central to the work of the Women’s Equality Party and DEV ensured that their website achieved this by creating clear calls to action on every page. We developed a clear journey for users, building simple interactive forms for new members to sign up and donate.

DEV also delivered a custom donations system with completely bespoke data capture which allowed for simple card processing. We also provided an easy to use CMS to allow administrators to manage content and data - as always this is open source to provide enough flexibility for future growth.

With an extremely successful launch, WEP received a flood of new members. There was a surge of traffic to the site due to the media and public interest in a new political party and the infrastructure we built was robust enough to ensure smooth performance throughout. When it came to our own performance, WEP were very happy:

“[DEV] worked tirelessly to get our website up and running, and have been of great support to us as we established the Women's Equality Party. Their commitment and professionalism have been consistently impressive.”

Catherine Mayer
Women's Equality Party

Womens equality party screenshot

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