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VUKA! Coalition

How can organisations around the world quickly and securely work together to respond when civil society groups are threatened?

When civil society organisations, human rights defenders, and NGOs are threatened by oppressive regimes, they need support and solidarity. Coordinating a global response is a difficult thing and when time is of the essence, you need a trusted means for groups to securely communicate and work out a way to pull together to support under fire allies.

Working in an agile manner with the Vuka! Steering Group housed within CIVICUS we built a bespoke platform for civil society groups to securely collaborate on joint responses to the threats of shrinking civic space. Combining open source tools we were able to deliver a one of a kind tool that is helping civil society work together in a smarter way.Vuka! Is a broad coalition of over 100 international, regional and national civil society groups, working to incubate new forms of resistance and organisation and the Better Coordination platform is at the core of their coordination efforts. With a beautiful design and emphasis on UX we’ve helped more organisation come together and collaborate effectively.

If you’re interested in finding out how DEV can help you build unique tech infrastructure then we’d love to hear from you.

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