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How we helped Co-ops UK work towards a fairer economy by bringing expertise and facilitation skills to the UnFound programme to support start-up projects with a difference.

With the rise of the gig economy, many of the biggest and fastest growing employers in the UK are forcing people into precarious employment situations but that isn’t the only way forward. Co-op platforms offer a model where equity and shared control are built in from the start.

For this project, we worked with Co-ops UK and the UnFound programme to design, deliver and facilitate a co-op masterclass session on Platform Development for a group of early-stage ‘platform co-operatives’, digital platforms that are democratically owned by their members or users. Our session focused on the principles of what makes a platform unique and through the lens of concepts such as the ‘platform stack’ and the ‘concentric model of platform development’ we ran a series of exercises to help participants assess their strategies and tech development plans.

You can read more about the UnFound programme in this piece in Wired.

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