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The Syria Campaign

In 2017 field hospitals in Syria were being driven underground to save the lives of medics and patients. We helped tell that story.

In 2017, Syria was the most dangerous place on earth for medical professionals. Every other day a doctor, nurse or paramedic was being killed. Despite this, heroic medics stayed on the frontlines risking their lives to save others but to do so, they were being driven underground.

The Syria Campaign are a human rights advocacy group supporting Syria’s struggle for freedom and democracy. Together with 13 leading Syrian medical organisations, The Syria Campaign produced a report on the 454 attacks on hospitals there had been in the previous six years and how the Assad government and Russia were responsible for 91% of these attacks.

Working closely with The Syria Campaign we helped design and produce the report for online and print use. The aim was to reach political leaders and other influential figures. To do so effectively we know you need to go beyond the facts and present a compelling visual communication piece too. The report sets out a tragic story in a clean, clear and beautiful manner with a simple yet impactful logo and visual identity designed by the team at DEV.

If you’re interested in finding out how DEV can help you produce beautiful and impactful reports then we’d love to hear from you.

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