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SeriousFun use lots of databases to manage their work but without them being connected up, the headaches were growing by the day. Here's how we helped them move their data in a smarter way.

The SeriousFun global family of camps and programs helps children and their families reach beyond illness to discover joy, confidence and new possibilities. Their global team maintain meticulous digital records of their work but these were siloed across different systems, requiring a lot of painful manual data entry and lookups in order to get a full picture of their work.

To help out, we started in discovery, learning about the problems being faced by SeriousFun and what needed to be achieved to overcome their challenges. Development followed with the creation of serverless solution to handle the abstraction and automation of the different systems SeriousFun use, keeping data in sync across platforms but crucially only carrying across the things that are needed.

In its first pass the software was able to sync and update the contact preferences for over 600 users, tidying up all GDPR concerns from cross-platform feedback. It was also able to process over 1,600 user records in a couple of minutes, saving days of manual effort - what’s more it’ll keep processing the data continually, so this task will be completed automagically from now on.

If you want to find out how DEV can help work out your data nightmares then we’d love to hear from you.​

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