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How we used augmented reality to create a stunning campaign tool for See Now to help simulate the experience of preventable blindness and connect people to a campaign action.

4 out of 5 people who are blind don’t need to be. The majority of eye conditions are treatable and preventable but the public action to make this happen around the world is lacking. In order to connect people with the reality of life with a preventable eye condition, we wanted to bring the experience close to home.

By augmenting Google Street View, we have been able to give anyone an insight into what life would be like for them with some of the world’s most common eye conditions. Seeing your own life from the perspective of another person is an emotive, connecting experience and a massively powerful campaigning tool. To do this we layered simulations of common eye conditions on top of Google Streetview and camera views from smart phones to create a fantastic desktop site and a truly stunning live augmented reality experience on mobile devices.

The Simulator creates a powerful user experience by combining easy to use public tools and a strong campaign message. More than 100,000 people visited the Simulator after it was posted to Reddit, and it has been featured in The Daily Mail, Tech Crunch, Mic, Mashable and many more outlets. See what it’s like to have some of the world’s most common eye health problems. It’s difficult to imagine unless you experience it for yourself, and we’d like to help you do just that

If you’re interested in finding out how DEV can help you create innovative new campaigning tools or creatively solve a probelm then we’d love to hear from you.

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