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1 in 3 women are abused during their lifetime. Here's how we built a site to help Restored campaign against violence against women.

As Restored, with support from Tearfund, started to ramp up their work on violence against women they needed a mobile friendly for a charity at the scale they wanted to reach, with the budget of the startup they were.

To help out with this urgent cause, we offered to rebuild their site as a pro bono project. We kicked off with a light workshop to confirm their needs which lead into a design process which developed their new visual framework. From their we built out a responsive site that covered all their briefed needs and supported their team with a series of trainings to help get them up to speed with their new site.

As the work of Restored has grown, they are now routinely invited to national and international anti-VAW events and consultations, including at the UN. Their site has allowed them to communicate their credibility and competence and have an online presence for the organisation they were becoming.

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