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Macmillan Cancer Care

How we helped Macmillan, one of the UK’s leading healthcare charities, make more content while saving money.

Macmillan are one of the leading charities in the UK, providing support to people affected by cancer.

They are loved by people across the UK and their hand-rendered typeface is a key part of their iconic brand. The issue for Macmillan was that every time they wanted to create content with this typeface, it required professional tools and training to be set correctly, tools which weren’t available to most staff.

Macmillan needed a system which could deliver typeset headlines, on brand, to a level typically only previously achieved through employing a professional designer, so that they would be able to create content as quickly as they needed for use online.

And that’s what we built. Working with the Macmillan design team, we developed a tool which allowed Macmillan staff to manage the typeface and set the rules for its use. Staff can now access the tool via a web interface and produce lines of type which conformed to those rules, as well as the brand guidelines, without the user needing to know either or have previous design experience.

Now Macmillan have a way to produce consistent comms materials across their organisation. The Headline Generator is used nationally on a daily basis and has revolutionised access to brand assets for the distributed workforce at Macmillan.

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