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How we helped the work of JK Rowling's foundation to end the institutionalisation of children around the world.

Lumos is an NGO founded by J.K. Rowling working to end the harm of institutionalisation and help children worldwide be reunited with family. When they reached out to us they needed an intuitive and accessible way of organising and sharing resources related to early intervention and prevention in relation to institutionalisation with a focus on materials produced by partner organisations.

They needed a way for these resources to be easily found by the wide range of people and organisations they wanted to reach: universities, policymakers, and members of the public around the world.

Lumos asked if we could build out a resources hub for them that would sit separately to their existing resources section which they could easily signpost users to. It needed to be branded to show the collaboration with their partners, and use different filters which they could add to in the CMS - and this needed to be built within the CMS of the Lumos main site, and fit into their templates and branding.

To do this we built a an easy to use, on brand resource that quickly filters and sorts materials uploaded by Lumos, tagged according to format and with related resources assigned to each resource to help people find a wealth of material.

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