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How we helped Liberty produce polished, on-brand reports quickly and efficiently.

Liberty are an independent organisation campaigning for civil liberties and human rights in the UK.

After their campaigning activity, a significant proportion of their work involves publishing research findings, policy recommendations, and guidance documents. Doing that in a way that develops a sense of brand consistency can be hard and often relies upon a lot of work from a designer. Though the results produced are good, this can be time consuming and expensive for any nonprofit.

After speaking to Liberty about this, we worked out a way to help tackle this problem. The solution we developed was a comprehensive template system built in Adobe InDesign. Through researching their existing collateral we were able to distill down the essence of the creative building-blocks which made up the bulk of their reports. From that foundation, we built up a series of template types and stylings.

In parallel, we also worked on a number of tailor made report documents for specific subjects. Having worked on the templating system, we were ideally positioned to do this in a way that built on the template system, rather than side-lining it. These parallel reports therefore felt like part of the set, rather than a brand outlier.

Ultimately, our process delivered a set of easy to use, industry-grade, print-ready templates. Anybody with a core Adobe skills -- but not necessarily a design degree -- could open up the templates and build a report which felt every-bit as pieces developed by design pros.

Every time this toolkit has been used, it has saved Liberty money. And that’s money that can now be better spent elsewhere, with greater impact.

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