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How we brought The King’s Fund’s statistics to life, creating infographics and telling the stories beyond the numbers.

The King’s Fund is an independent think tank, focused on public health issues in England. Much of the work they do in policy and lobbying relies heavily on detailed research and data analysis. Part of the problem they invited us to consider was how they might go about bring this incredibly important information to life; how might their reports be presented to aid wider engagement and public understanding?

Over a period of 3 years we worked on a raft of projects, tied to report publications and policy announcement, developing an in-depth understanding of the way they told stories.

The result was the development of a visual language for The King's Fund, executed through infographics. We worked with them to build an extensive suite of graphic assets, stick-person characters, and visual tropes which allowed us together to quickly assemble infographic panels and narratives.

We built character graphics representing everybody from school children and parents; through emergency workers and people with a spectrum of illnesses and injuries; up to representatives of healthcare workers of every type. We rendered buildings, vehicles and objects. We developed tools for visualising every kind of graph and pie-chart. And all of it was created for re-use and remix, allowing for the rapid assembly of subsequent graphic assets.

This suite of visual storytelling tools allowed us and them to reveal meaning and impact far beyond the raw numbers. Rather than simply presenting a well designed graph, we were able to communicate those numbers, whilst adding a depth and meaning to the context which hadn't been achieved before.

So successful was the work we did in partnership with The King’s Fund, the visual language had been applied to reports, presentations and even video projects since then. Most importantly, these infographics allowed them to communicate with audiences in a medium that engaged them in ways that had not before. Mission complete.

If you’re interested in finding out how DEV can help you communicate difficult concepts then we’d love to hear from you.​

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