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How we used design to help educators in the NHS develop a visual communications toolkit.

Technology moves quickly. In an environment like healthcare where huge improvements in patient experience and outcomes can be driven by good use of tech helping the workforce get to grips with that tech can have a huge impact. Health Education England (HEE) is the body within the NHS which exists to upskill the healthcare workforce. They invited us to help them think about how they communicate about use of technology in health care professions; making their training materials and comms collateral more engaging and accessible.

The first area we explored with HEE was around bringing to life their training collateral. Within a pre-existing house style, we workshopped through the various areas of contemporary healthcare which can be impacted in a positive way through wider adoption of technology. Using that list we produced a series of illustrated vignettes which could be used as images in presentation slides, for example. In addition, these vignettes were woven into a wider illustrative canvas, placing them in a recognisable healthcare context: hospitals, care homes, libraries and pharmacies all featured.

This approach enabled us to deliver both a set of illustrations — bringing many pieces of training collateral to life — and give HEE a large-scale poster-piece which could be used in a wider context to drive awareness.

Following the initial work, we went on to explore the output from a survey of healthcare professionals talking about their use of technology and social media in personal and professional development. We turned the insights developed here into a series of four infographic canvases. Once more, each canvas could be broken up into component parts for delivery alone, or indeed as illustrative components in presentations

Through this work we equipped HEE, their team and trainers with material to better engage with the workforce and help improve patient service through wider adoption of digital best-practice. At the same time, we developed a library of graphic assets which could be used in a wider context to bring the wider canvas of their training collateral to life.

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