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How DEV came up with a strategy to build and deliver a redesigned site in under a week to help Fight Inequality grow from a campaign to a movement. 

On a tight budget, Fight Inequality wanted to make some updates to their site to reflect how they’ve grown. We looked at the need and decided to do the right thing over the easy thing: building a whole new site in just 1 week.

Fight Inequality supplied the existing content and photos, new content updates and the new goals for the site. We dived into a design process to create a refreshed brand language and designs for each page of the site. Being strategic in the approach, we created layouts that would solve multiple content needs across different page types, news and long form content. For speed this was then rapidly developed into a site framework that is really fast to update.

DEV was able to produce and launch the new site, with fresh content, branding and underlying framework in under a week - just in time to maximise media engagement with a big campaign moment for Fight Inequality.

If we’d not reached for the bigger task, the Fight Inequality Alliance would have received some new content and a couple of tweaks to an older site, and that would have been ok. The difference in operating as a partner rather than a supplier means we try to work on the real needs and right solutions to help make the most impact. The outcome was much better than could have been achieved if we didn’t share a sense of mission with Fight Inequality.

One new brand, one responsive design targeted at three device types, 8 pages delivered in under one week - not bad going at all, even if we do say so ourselves!

Do you need a tight turnaround on a digital project? We’re here to help.​

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