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Millions of people work in dangerous conditions to supply supermarkets. We helped Oxfam Great Britain shine a light on the suffering in global supply chains.

To tackle the issue of suffering in global food supply chains, the Oxfam Great Britain team needed a visually striking campaign to run on DEV’s petition platform, ACT, and they needed people to be able to sign the petition using Facebook. The twist in this brief was that they also wanted to show in real time the rollout of the campaign across social media by counting the number of times their campaign hashtag was used.

We talked through the campaign goals with the Oxfam team to understand the target audience and what they needed the campaign to do. They needed to reach people in French, English and Spanish speaking countries, and collect data from those who wanted to sign the petition using Facebook while also giving people an option to sign using the traditional form, bypassing Facebook authorisation. The Oxfam taem also wanted a hashtag counter built in to the page to have a running total of not only the number of signatures on the petition but also the number of times the campaign hashtag was being tweeted about.

Working together we produced a wireframe to ensure everyone at Oxfam understood the user journey and the data behind it, and then launched into design. In the meantime, we began building out the Facebook authorisation integration and the realtime hashtag counter which sits alongside the signature totaliser.

The end result was a visually impactful site that presents the issues Behind The Brands in a powerful one page site with a super simple 1-click petition sign process and a striking hashtag counter to show just how important this campaign is to Oxfam supporters.

If you’re interested in finding out how DEV and ACT can support your campaigning and advocacy work then we’d love to hear from you.

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