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How we helped spread the love with a global movement for equality by adding some creativity to their Valentines campaigning.

All Out got in touch to see if we could work together on a project that would help people understand the challenges of love around the world, and then help them easily become a part of the movement for equality. The challenge for us was turning such a serious message into an engaging experience. Together we worked to find a way to combine a light, fun format with a heavy topic.

The plan was to build a light and engaging way of learning more about the barriers to love around the world. Easy and fun like a BuzzFeed quiz, the aim was to funnel people through and get people to sign up to join the movement at the end. To do all this in one easy-to-use system, we built a bespoke quiz platform to integrate with All Out’s existing campaign tools. It uses HTML5, SCSS/CSS and JavaScript with minimal external libraries to keep the quiz light and fast so it works well across all devices.

With content produced by the team at All Out, the quiz drove engagement and was a key hook for All Out’s Valentines messaging. Fun animations and a fast, easy to use interface meant the quiz performed really well across all devices and helped move thousands of people towards joining a wonderful movement for love and equality. You can read a bit more about our experience with the project here.

If you’re interested in finding out how DEV can power your campaigns and help you generate more sign ups then we’d love to hear from you.​

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All Out Case study