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How we created an interactive illustration to help ActionAid recruit donors

Charity comms are hard. Audiences in the UK have been over exposed to the typical campaigns by big NGOs and charities. While the message is always important, its becoming ever harder to reach out and connect with new supporters.

We worked closely with the ActionAid fundraising team to analyse what they wanted to achieve. After clearly defining a set of goals and objectives, we brainstormed creative routes and narrowed the options down with the team at ActionAid. Through rounds of creative input we developed entirely original illustrations and using CSS and javascript, we created a ‘choose your own adventure’ style animation that lets you put yourself in the shoes of eight-year-old Joy to understand the difficult choices that girls around the world face every day. This journey is based on the real stories of people ActionAid have worked with.

Joy’s Journey underwent user testing prior to launch and achieved a fantastic conversion rate of around 60%, helping more people connect with ActionAid’s sponsorship programme. You can see the project for yourself here.

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ActionAid illustration