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A11y at DEV

Accessibility goes to the heart of our work at DEV as we try to create better technology that works for all.

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Our accessibility assessment covers your written content, UX/UI, your mobile experience and your desktop sites.


"I love everything about this report, how clear it is, how it was tested and insights from Angus”

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Angus - DEV's accessibility tester

Angus Addenbrooke

The Developer Society

Accessibility is really important because otherwise I can’t use websites

Digital accessibility (often referred to as a11y) is about creating online systems and services that work for the largest amount of people possible.

We have all experienced websites that are difficult to navigate or seemingly make it hard to find the information you want. These challenges are multiplied if you have any form or disability or atypical need: people with visual impairments, hearing loss, intellectual disabilities, or any number of other very common life situations can find the experience of being online extra challenging.

And as more and more essential parts of life — such as banking, health care, social services, and just simply being social — are increasingly designed with digital access in mind, the need to have a fair and equitable internet where we can all participate equally just grows and grows.

Through thoughtful and careful design and development, websites, platforms and other online services can be designed in ways that make the experience more accessible.

Through the use of high contrast colour palettes, accessible fonts, designing for screen readers, reducing reliance on video and audio communication, and a whole host of other smart interventions technology can be built in a better, more inclusive way than it currently is. This, in essence, is the idea behind the practice of, and movement to support, a11y.

Creating a world that is fairer for all is at the heart of the shared mission of the third sector. At DEV, we want to create technology that works for all and as part of that we want to help our partners and friends do so too.