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This is your living, breathing project plan. This document outlines our plan for the successful completion of the Tiny Bio web project. You’ll find contact details, roles and responsibilities, timeframes, and the tools we work with to ensure great communication between Eleven and Tiny Bio. We’re really excited to be working with you.

Project Plan overview

Weekly update: DD/MM-DD/MM

This is where we will give you an overview of the work we have completed this week and what parts of the project are ready to move into user testing with you. Your most recent update and previous updates will live in this Google doc for your reference.

Project overview

There are two key elements to the Tiny Bio project: the design and development of Tiny Bio’s identity, and the design and development of the Tiny Bio app. These are two separate pieces of work which will run concurrent to each other, and share this project plan as there will be significant crossover.

The identity project will produces a logo, styling and brand guidelines for Tiny Bio. Eleven will also create brand guidelines to ensure that the logo, colour palette and styling is used appropriately across marketing and communication channels.

The app project will produce a native app which will enable users of the Tiny Bio nanobot to track their own health status and Tiny Bio scientists to track the development, progression and cure of diseases in nanobot users.

The application will allow patients and researchers to understand more about infectious disease and how it manifests itself. Tiny Bio have developed a nanobot that can be injected into a human to track health markers, identify illness and send data back to the Tiny Bio system, and to cure the infection where possible.

Eleven will design and develop the app for the use of the patient to set up an account, to track the data being created by the nanobot and to have a better understanding of their overall health.


The estimated cost of the Tiny Bio app and identity projects:

App: $150,000 - $200,000

Identity: $10,000 - $15,000

The payments for these projects will be staged. We will generate a 25% commencement invoice at the start of the project with subsequent monthly invoices over 6 months.

We use https://invoiced.com/ to send and manage invoices.

Project scope

Identity deliverables

The Tiny Bio app project needs a strong brand identity to help establish trust and reduce anxiety about the process of injecting nanobots into their bodies. Eleven will work closely with Tiny Bio’s project team to develop a logo and brand identity.

The Tiny Bio project team will decide on the final identity and are responsible for gathering necessary approval from Tiny Bio stakeholders on their end.

The identity project will create:

  • An accessible colour palette
  • Logo
    • in black and white and in colour
    • an avatar friendly variation for icons and social networks
    • 3 rounds of logo revisions - the Tiny Bio project team is responsible for gathering necessary approval from internal stakeholders
  • Brand guidelines
    • formatted for the web and for print
    • the scope does not include getting the brand guidelines printed

Future phases - post launch:

  • Additional marketing collateral including business card and banner designs

We will design and build according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), part of a series of web accessibility guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the main international standards organisation for the Internet.

App deliverables:

Users will be able to:

  • Set up an account using a secure log in
  • Password reset functionality
  • Sign in and out securely using TFA
  • Update their personal details
  • View their health data:
  • See their current health status
  • See reports on their overall health since starting the Tiny Bio programme
  • Review their official health records
  • See the impact of the nanobot on their lifespan
  • See all their biometric data in real time


  • When a patient suspects they have come into contact with an infection, they can create a geo-tagged note
  • The patient can edit markers if they recall more useful information about it
  • The patient can review markers by location on a map
  • The patient can delete markers, for example, if they accidentally create one
  • When the patient creates a new marker this will be sent to Tiny Bio


  • Patients can edit their email address to change where they receive notifications and how they sign in
  • Patients can update their password
  • Patients can request a password reset if they forget theirs
  • Patients can control their notification settings to change when and why they are notified

Illness and infections:

  • The patient will receive a notification when the nanobot detects infection
  • The patient will receive a notification when the nanobot has eradicated the infection
  • The patient will receive a notification if the nanobot cannot eradicate the infection to be updated of their health status
  • The patient will receive a notification if the nanobot finds an unidentified disease to alert them that the Tiny Bio researchers will use their data to investigate
  • The patient can see a list of times, places and markers after they contract a disease to better understand how they contracted it
  • The patient can read more infomation about the disease they have contracted within the app
  • The patient can see a reverse chronological listing of past diseases they have contracted


  • Patients should receive an error message if there is a problem with the software so they know something is wrong and being rectified

Future phases - post launch

  • When a nanobot finds a new disease, a video chat automatically starts with their doctor
  • Patients can request a full DNA analysis report
  • Patients can see a reverse chronological listing of their markers

Copy and content:

Content will be written by the Eleven team, guided by Tiny Bio’s research team. Images will be provided by Tiny Bio.

Once launched, Eleven will be responsible for ongoing updates and bug fixes to the application, which will be estimated in a separate agreement. Tiny Bio will be responsible for all customer and emergency support.

Key dates for Tiny Bio deliverables

These are dates we've noted from our project calendar for Tiny Bio to deliver assets to Eleven to keep us on track.

Feb 20 - Mar 1: Deliver base data to Eleven for copywriting process to begin

April 1-10: Return wireframe prototype results to Eleven

April 1: Tiny Bio API setup ready to read & write data

April 13: Second prototype feedback due

April 16: Tiny Bio code setup ready for Eleven to begin App integration

Project timeline

We've set up this gantt chart so you can see exactly when we anticipate different stages of the project to begin and end. In summary, sprint 1 will begin on March 5 and each subsequent sprint will last for two weeks, ending with the project launch on August 16. The identity project will run concurrently, starting on March 5 and running for 3 sprints, concluding on April 13.

Project deliverables

We will add in links to designs, prototypes and the demo site here so you have everything in one place.

Designs will live in InDesign

Prototypes will live in Invision

The site will be built on a Django platform using a Python codebase.

Change management

Is it a bug? Is it a new feature? No, it's a change request!

  • Every project will experience change, we just need to know how we handle it.


  • A bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in software where it produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or behaves differently than intended. We aim to fix these as fast as we can.


  • You're going to feedback to us throughout this project. What will help us is if you give constructive feedback with a purpose. For example, if you don't like something, tell us why you don't like it and what you want us to do to fix it. We'll discuss the request, see how that fits in with the agreed scope and whether it impacts the budget or timeframe of the project.

New features

  • It's also likely that you or one of your team will think of something new to bring to the project. We're happy to look at adding scope to the project, but that will require a conversation about the impact it will have on timeframes and budgets, and if it's really important to the first phase of the project, prioritisation.

Communication tools

Phone/video conference

Appear.In https://appear.in/TinyBio

  • We will use this for our planned meetings, or any time that a virtual face to face is required.

Status tracking and approvals


  • We will set you up in this project management tool and talk you through how to use it. This card tracking tool allows you to see the progress of work so you know where we're at, and to give us the green light on new tasks and fixes, and to approve work we've done.
  • You can create and comment on cards too, using this tool. So if you spot something you'd like us to investigate, create a card and pop details in there, including screenshots and links where appropriate, or use TrackDuck, which does that for you.

Testing and Feedback


  • This is our bug tracking software. This will enable you to pinpoint any issues you experience when testing the app, and automatically create a new card in Favro with all the technical detail necessary.

Demo site

  • In order for our QA (Quality Assurance) and your UAT (User Acceptance Testing) to flow smoothly, we will create a password protected demo site which we will give you access to. This will allow you to thoroughly road test the site before we launch. Our weekly updates will keep you informed of the new developments an specify which parts of the site you need to test.

Sprint updates

  • We'll also make sure to update you with weekly updates, which will live in this document.

What supports the project?

We'll work hard to make sure you get the project of your dreams on time and on budget. Here are some tips you can follow to help us do a better job for you.

  • Meet deadlines for your deliverables on time - this project is on a tight schedule, and we want to make sure we’re on track! This means that we need you to return feedback and any deliverables you are asked to provide (research, feedback, etc) by the deadlines we set so that we can move forward with the project. If for some reason a deadline cannot be met, please let us know in advance so we can adjust accordingly.
  • Keep all written communication in Favro, under the appropriate task (as much as possible!). This helps us easily access and organize conversations and tasks, ensuring nothing ever gets lost. Otherwise, direct communication through our point of contact, Morgan Zafar. She’s our primary go-to, and she’ll be the one we’ll be communicating with directly.
  • Save your excellent, non-urgent questions for stakeholder meetings and/or to be delivered through Morgan. We want to make sure to get all of them, and it’s easier to address questions all at once, rather than piecemeal throughout the day.
  • Our work hours are Monday to Friday, 9-5. We’ll respect your work hours and we ask that you respect ours, too!
  • Please let us know if any of the stakeholders will be unavailable (on holiday or otherwise out) during the project so we can make sure to schedule accordingly.

Project risks

  • Misaligned or undefined project goals

If project goals or project needs change in the middle of any project phase, prompting a change needed in in-progress or approved deliverables, or if the project needs to pause at any time while stakeholders define project goals or project needs, this will result in an increase in project scope.

  • Adding features or functionality

Features that will be built as a part of this project will be listed in our project plan, to be delivered after the discovery period. Any features requested that are not listed in the project plan and/or that are not covered in the approved wireframes, and any functionality that expands what has been outlined in the discovery phase, will result in an increase in project scope and project cost.

  • Unforeseen technology/build complications

The nature of technology is that much of the complexity of a task can be unseen until the team actually begins work on it. The potential always exists that a feature will require more time or budget than previously anticipated. If this turns out to be the case, we will try our hardest to bring it to your attention as early as possible so that we can determine together an appropriate course of action.

  • Delays in feedback

Feedback deadlines need to be adhered to or scheduling will be affected and the project may be delayed.

  • Restricting Research/Analysis Sprint

Understanding your business and your customers is critical for us to build the website that you truly need us to build. You and your customers priorities will only stay aligned if we are intricately aware of them and have earnest representation in your App. Figuring out what to build is as important and the building process.

  • Not knowing the laws or limitations for the various counties we’ll be collecting data from

Each survey/data site may have their unique set of legal restraints for collecting and disseminating medical data. Clarity on these legal issues upfront could save time and money in the end

  • Feedback from new voices

it’s really important that anyone who needs to have input on this project from your end is in the feedback loop from the very beginning. Last minute feedback requests from a new voice can really throw a project off course.

Roles and responsibilities

Eleven works very hard to have a collaborative process with our clients and their projects. It’s important that everyone know who to talk to and when. Below you’ll find a list of the primary Tiny Bio and Eleven contacts on this project. Eleven believes in working with a small and consistent number of stakeholders. This makes decisions and feedback move at a much smoother pace.

RolesResponsibilitiesContact detailsProject ManagersManaging the projectLaura and Patti
kickass@eleven.comOther peopleDoing all the thingsNames

And that's it! We're so excited to be working with Tiny Bio on such a great project, and can't wait to get started. We're here for you if you have any questions or concerns. Good communication is the key to any successful project, so let's make sure we keep those communication lines open and honest throughout this project.