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How we built an action platform for Oxfam which has generated over a million actions for 30+ teams around the world.

How does a giant organisation like Oxfam enable teams all over the world to campaign together while also working on locally focused issues without breaking the bank?

When Oxfam needed a global system to power their campaigning and connect their teams, we stepped in and in 2 months built a tool for use by their teams across 6 continents to help this leading NGO fight poverty around the world. We used an agile workflow designed to deliver a powerful tool which included running workshops, producing wireframes, and developing a brand guideline driven user interface design process that resulted in a bulletproof open source platform fit for Oxfam's global needs.

The result was ACT, a powerful actions platform for Oxfam and the sector, delivered on time and on budget ahead of Davos 2017. Since then the platform has been hugely successful and it has powered over 1 million actions with conversion rates often in excess of 75%. The technology behind ACT is now also being used by Save The Children, Purpose, Help Refugees and more fantastic groups.

You can read a more in depth analysis of the ACT platform here.

If you’re interested in finding out how DEV and ACT can support your campaigning and advocacy work then we’d love to hear from you.

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