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How we built a donation platform that has seen Help Refugees massively improve their online fundraising.

Help Refugees are a group of everyday people, taking joint action to improve the lives of refugees. In less than two years, they have become the biggest facilitator of grassroots aid in Europe. They now fund more than 80 projects across Europe and the Middle East and have had over 15,000 volunteers work with them to reach more than 700,000 beneficiaries. Until December 2017 however they were using an off the shelf donations platform that was returning poor results and losing them money.

Together with Help Refugees we built a donation platform optimised for exactly what not for profits need. It easily and quickly allows Help Refugees to create new organisational and theme pages, have supporters create donation pages where 100% of donations go to the organisation, and take funds in multiple currencies for the first time in their history. Now Help Refugees control all aspects of their online donation journey and the platform is performing exceptionally well. Typical nonprofit donation pages take 2.8 seconds to load according to the 2018 M+R Benchmarks Study. The DEV Fundraising Platform has a load time less than 1 second and because of that and other improvements, the platform is seeing conversion rates of 19.8% across all pages, with some optimised pages performing even better, comfortably beating sector average rates and more than doubling the average nonprofit conversion rate on mobile.

The money raised from the platform has gone to fully fund several projects, including a 24/7 lifeboat off Lesvos which has saved over 6,000 lives since 2016 and assisted 240 people in December 2017, the first month funded via platform income. Help Refugees have taken in hundreds of thousands of pounds and added hundreds of new recurring monthly donors via the platform, allowing Help Refugees to get on with the important work of changing even more lives.

If you’re interested in finding out how DEV can supercharge your fundraising then we’d love to hear from you.​

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